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A path to education or Fool School

It’s strange name Fool school and on this April fool, day lets analyze the education system how it works. we should not join a fool school let’s choose wisely what exact education is mean and what should we care while planning any study. As Read below how to identify & invest our money wisely, I want each one of u to share this post as much as u can with your friends so they can get to know how they are going to the path of Fool School.

1) Do not fall for Advertisement: First of all, realize that it’s not like choosing a fairness cream by seeing tv commercials or claims, it is your career and the costs involved is huge. So choose wisely & use your brain, I will tell u how.

2) False Claims: Many Institutes claims to give you 100% placement guarantee or assistance. Firstly identify these words, assistance normally means they will send you for interviews or inform you about interviews which are already happening. Now 100% placement guarantee is very tricky. But still, u should look beneath the words.

( They only say placement, won’t specify whether as Manager, Counselor, Receptionist, etc) most of the time, they put u into jobs with a salary as low as 7000 to 10000 in hotels, a very sorry state, as we don’t even need a course to become a Receptionist just general counseling by any consultant is enough to get a job easily after study.

3) Teaching Subjects: All centers teaching you subjects like Beauty Tricks, Technique, Front Desk Management, Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Ticketing are simply making a fool of you. when you go for studies of subjects which are not approved by any standard authority than its totally waste of your money and time.

4) Certification: So Many certifications are distributed by academy and institute in the name of job sake but exactly no academy is perfectly known what actually they are providing. Proper validation of certification is always required for the academy which is approved by standard authority of departments.

5) Hefty course fees: All of them just want money from your pocket. they teach many subjects so that the duration is extended to 1 year or more. if the duration is more, They will charge you fees around 1 lakh to 2 lakh & more. I am really sorry to say BIGGER THE COURSE FEE THE BIGGEST FRAUD THEY ARE.

6) On the job training: Many say they provide on the job training just after the course & send you all to Salon, Hotel, Restaurants units, hotels or airport for 1 month. sadly children don’t know that these experience does not matter at all, but they highlight this and charge students separately for this. Better to attend general educational seminar or tours.


These may feel like a nail in our head. But unfortunately, this is the reality in our country. if you have waste You money in some training, you can relate to any of these, make sure that u share this post to the maximum & save billions of hard earned money.

If You feel where you should go for Jobs or exact training for a career.

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